About Us

Kopperud Real Estate was founded by John Kopperud in 1996. The firm was started as a boutique real estate investment company specializing in the needs of family and a group of friends and acquaintances. Over the last 20 years Kopperud Real Estate has relied nearly exclusively on referral and word of mouth from our long list of satisfied customers.

The firm's focus is on residential real estate in the metro area and John is also one of the go to guys in Denver when it comes to multi-family properties.

John grew up in the small community of Grafton, ND and is an alumni of North Dakota State University. Mr. Kopperud is an avid hockey fan, player (old-timers), and coach(go Angels!). John lives in Denver with his wife, Rebecca, and children, Matthew and Claire.

Recognizing the need to keep up with the times---Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. John realized he needed some additional help. "The way of the world is online now, I may be 10 years behind, but we really lucked out with Nikola", stated Mr. Kopperud. Kopperud Real Estate recently hired Nikola Roberts as a licensed broker and VP of Business Development.

Nikola Roberts is from Lhota Rapotina, Czech Republic. Nikola was an event organizer for many of the top hotels in Czech and Malta. Seeking to expand her cultural knowledge , Nikola found her way to "beautiful Colorado" in 2013. Nikola is extremely detail oriented and makes sure all clients needs are handled in a professional manner and timely fashion. Nikola lives in Denver with her husband, Andrew, and puppy, Rhea.

"3.9% since 1996, always full service"

This has become the catchphrase for Kopperud Real Estate. The firm offers full service listings for 3.9%. "This started back in the beginning. I wanted to provide a great value for my friends and family and it has become the mantra of the company. And when we say full service, that is what you get. Your home will be in the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Google, REColorado, Realtor.com, and I could go on and on. People looking will come across your home multiple times. You get the best negotiation skills, our 20 plus years of experience, and again I could go on," says Kopperud.

The 3.9% applies when you are also purchasing a home using Kopperud Real Estate's services within 12 months of the contract sale. You would never pay more than 4.9% if there are no other related transactions.

State rules require a contract, but Kopperud Real Estate would tear up the contract, pack up the sign, and go home, if that is what the client wanted. "We would never hold someone to the contract if they wanted out, no matter the reason", stated Kopperud, "with our level of service, this doesn't happen.

If you are thinking of buying or selling, give us a call. It will be the start of a great relationship!